Daydreamers at work.


The Musician's House

The Musicians' House has found its home in this beautiful garden. Fully custom designed and personalized down to the smallest details. Step into this unique caravan and let yourself be carried away by the most beautiful melodies while you're preparing something delicious food with the provided spices!

The Storybook House

Discover our newest playhouse: The Storybook House! A beautiful playhouse that fits in every garden. Pre-orders will start soon.

Plopsa Coo Shops

After we built the 'Suske & Wiske ride' in Plopsa Station (Antwerp), we started building the biggest Plopsa shop in Belgium in Plopsa Coo. And if that wasn't enough, we also provided the small shop with a completely new interior.

We produced the closets, shopping windows, check-out desks, outdoor signing and turned the entire shops into the Plopsa worthy experiences.

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