Daydreamers at work.


Christmas Show | Intratuin Duiven

Jingle bell, jingle bell, jingle bell rock! We are currently busy building sets for the largest Christmas show in Europe.

Marie-Antoinette | Musical Spectacle

We've been very busy building the theater decor for Marie-Antoinette by Historalia Musicalspektakels. A beautiful story about the life of a misunderstood queen in a time of upheaval.

Damiaan | Musical Spectacle

We had a lot of fun building this stage for Historalia's musical spectacle 'Damiaan'. A big custom scenery at Scherpenheuvel which fits perfectly with the theme of the show.

Tomorrowland Invited | Festival Stage

We built the stage decor for Tomorrowland 'Invited Brussels 2023' at Tour & Taxis. A fully-fledged festival stage in the fairy Tomorrowland theme finished down to the details with the iconic butterfly at the center of the DJ booth.

Plopsa Coo Shops

After we built the 'Suske & Wiske ride' in Plopsa Station (Antwerp), we started building the biggest Plopsa shop in Belgium in Plopsa Coo. And if that wasn't enough, we also provided the small shop with a completely new interior. We produced the closets, shopping windows, check-out desks, outdoor signing and turned the entire shops into the Plopsa worthy experiences.

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