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In Progress | Bellewaerde - Mundo Amazonia

Bellewaerde is launching 'Mundo Amazonia' and we're creating the decors and thematization of the brand new themed area! The construction of the new attraction is currently in full swing. Be sure to keep an eye on our socials to find out how it's going to look like!

In progress | Tropical Islands

Starting 2024 with a big theming project for Tropical Islands (Germany) together with KCC Entertainment Design! All set pieces were transferred by large transport to Berlin where our team will perform the full installation in the coming weeks. 🌴

Marie-Antoinette | Musical Spectacle

In the fall of 2023, Historalia returned with a new version of the successful show Marie-Antoinette. An evening in the life of this misunderstood queen in a time of upheaval. We were allowed to develop the stage set at the castle domain de Wijnendale in Torhout (BE).

Tomorrowland Invited | Festival Stage

We built the stage decor for Tomorrowland 'Invited Brussels 2023' at Tour & Taxis. A fully-fledged festival stage in the fairy Tomorrowland theme finished down to the details with the iconic butterfly at the center of the DJ booth.

Eye-Opener® Decors makes dreams come true
Read what Klium, the largest Dutch webshop for professional tools, says about our work here!
Fjord Explorer | Le PAL
Only a few months left till the opening of the exciting new water ride ‘Fjord Explorer’ at Le PAL!
Tropical Islands | In progress
Starting 2024 with a big theming project for Tropical Islands (Germany) together with KCC Entertainment Design! More coming soon! 🌴
Xander De Rycke | Comedy Show 2023
If you haven't seen Xander De Rycke's 'Houdt het voor bekeken 2023' show, you most likely read about it in the Belgian media. What you didn't know..
Happy New Year!
Cheers to a year filled with enchantment, where we had the chance to bring many dreams to life! 🥂 Let's continue weaving magic into every corner, transforming ordinary moments into extraordinary memories. Here's to a Happy New Year, where imagination meets reality! ✨
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Do you want to WOW your visitors across your entire venue, entertain them in the queue line up to boarding of attractions and extend these with themed shop and F&B? The experience starts at the entrance where guests start building their memories with family and friends.
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