Daydreamers at work.

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Walibi Rhône-Alpes | Shop Theming

We built a brand new shop for Walibi Rhône-Alpes! Take a look behind the scenes.

Spectacle musical 14-18

Proud to share the result of months of hard work for Studio 100's musical spectacle 14-18!

Bellewaerde - Mundo Amazonia

Bellewaerde recently launched 'Mundo Amazonia' and we created the sets and theming for the brand new themed area!

Le Pal | Fjord Explorer

LE PAL recently opened their brand new water ride attraction the 'Fjord Explorer'! Our Immersive Theming & Media Group is responsible for the concept to detailed design of both the media and the queue.

Tropical Islands | Ohana Town

Starting 2024 with a big theming project for Tropical Islands (Germany) together with KCC Entertainment Design! All set pieces were transferred by large transport to Berlin where our team will carry out the full installation. 🌴

New Airbeat One theming!
We made something for Airbeat One Festival ✨ Check it out in this little build-up teaser.
New shop for Walibi Rhône-Alpes!
We built a brand new shop for Walibi Rhône-Alpes! Take a look behind the scenes.
Bellewaerde | Mundo Amazonia
Dreaming, believing & theming! That's how we rolled out the thematization for #MundoAmazonia at Bellewaerde Park!
The Fjord Explorer is open!
Take a look at this on-ride video from Looopings!
Tropical Islands | Ohana Town
The new Ohana Town zone in Tropical Islands is now officially open! Take a look behind the scenes during the development of the theming in our behind the scenes video. A project with KCC Entertainment Design. 🌴
Immersive Theming & Media Group
Do you want to WOW your visitors across your entire venue, entertain them in the queue line up to boarding of attractions and extend these with themed shop and F&B? The experience starts at the entrance where guests start building their memories with family and friends.
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