Price indication

Each project requires a different approach and corresponding prices. An example of a standard playhouse is the Eye-Opener® Treehouse.

An average custom all-in house varies between 9000-50.000 euro.

We would be happy to come on-site to view the location and discuss your wishes. After the appointment we create a sketch to create an overview about the project. We ask a 245 euro ex vat call-out fee. When signing the quotation the call-out charges will be deducted.

Practical (highlights)

- We need a flat and easily workable soil. If additional groundwork is needed, this will be discussed. All our houses are made of durable wood and wood that has been treated for outdoor use. For indoor use we also need a workable ground, the anchoring points will be discussed in advance.
- Official inspection (as intended for public playgrounds) is not mandatory for private use. We follow the European safety regulations regarding risks of entanglement and falling. If you still wish to receive an inspection by an independent company, this is possible upon request.
- Our houses have a standard 2 year warranty.
- Climbing bricks, handles and decorative items such as a bell, binoculars etc. are purchased from a wholesaler and have a CE mark.

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